The Window Cleaner,inc uses a homegrown and proprietary process for cleaning your window tracks and the correct tools to keep your windows clean!

  • Construction clean up
  • Pressure washing
  • Screen repair
  • Holiday & Christmas light installation


customer satisfaction and safety foremost.


Madison is experienced in all types of window cleaning.

Solar panel cleaning!(see Services page)


Nadeen is a State Licensed Contractor


661-254-1902   661-424-9055   800-496-2212

661-254-1902   661-424-9055  




Robin has over 30 years of experience with safety being his main priority.

past Projects

​​Solar panel cleaning    ​Residential Window Cleaning    window washing    House wash    soft wash   water fed pole

The quality of our work is visibly invisible.

Let us meet your expectations !

Our portfolio includes over 6000 residential customers, commercial buildings, office complexes, and much more.

Meet Our Team

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The Window Cleaner, inc.

The Window Cleaner,inc. as been providing professional service to Santa Clarita since 1998. Our commitment to workmanship and safety has earned us 1000's of Happy Customers.

Our window cleaners all have solid backgrounds in both commercial and residential window cleaning. You get the benefit of experience that's been acquired year after year, job after job.


It makes all the difference!

Text Nadeen at 661-803-5891

What's more important than Safety? Nothing.


We love nothing more than seeing a smile of satisfaction on our customers face when the job is complete. We have a proven track record of making that happen, even with the most difficult to reach windows. Let us make you smile by safely cleaning your windows.

  • Interior and Exterior lights cleaned
  • Mirrors
  • Water spot removal
  • Solar Panels Cleaned